Revamp Your Baseball Cap: 6 Cleaning Steps!

Revamp Your Baseball Cap: 6 Cleaning Steps!

How to clean your baseball cap

I recently visited a local thrift store and picked up a Tucson Sidewinders New Era baseball cap ‚Äď a great find for any sports shop enthusiast like me! However, upon closer examination, I noticed that while the hat was in good shape, it had accumulated quite a bit of dust over time. Nevertheless, I was determined to restore it to its former glory, knowing that with a little cleaning, this hat would shine like it just came off the shelves of a team shop. In this blog post, I'm excited to share the step-by-step process I followed to transform this dusty cap into a vibrant and like-new piece for my collection.

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How to clean your hat



Step 1

Dry brush the hat

brushing a baseball cap

Start by brushing the hat with the hat brush or use a clean tooth brush. Use light brush strokes. By doing this you are removing the debris or dirt that is on the surface of the hat. 

Step 2

Spray the hat with the cleaning solution

Cleaning a baseball cap

Next, saturate the cap with the cleaning deodorizer solution. You can also use a mixture of warm water and soap to achieve the same results. Make sure to spray underneath the brim as well. Per the instructions of the bottle - you want to let the solution sit for 10 minutes so it can penetrate the fibers.

Step 3

Brush the hat

cleaning a baseball cap
Brush the hat once more in a circular motion. Be cautious while going over the logo. Focus on the spots with high dirt and stain areas such as the sweat band. 

Step 4

Let it air dry

Not much direction here, just set the hat down and let it air dry. 

Step 5

Use lint roller 

Use a lint roller to remove any left over debris the hat collected during the drying process. 

Step 6 

Spray water & stain repellent 

If you would like extra protection then lightly spray your hat with the water & stain repellent. You spent all this time cleaning the hat, you might as well use it!
Now, your revamped cap is ready to proudly join your collection ‚Äď a testament to your DIY skills and how fantastic it turned out as if you bought it from a team shop!
Finish cleaning a baseball hat
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